Judging Info


Saturday Categories

  • Best Oriental
  • Best Polynesian
  • Best Traditional
  • Best Neo traditional 
  • Small Colour (Smaller than 300mmx300mm)
  • Small Black and Grey (Smaller than 300mmx300mm)
  • Runner Up - Tattoo of the Day - Saturday
  • Tattoo of the Day - Saturday 

Sunday Categories

  • Best Ta Moko
  • Best Lettering/Script
  • Best Geometric
  • Best Photorealism
  • Best Apprentice
  • Large Colour (Greater than 300mmx300mm)
  • Large Black & Grey (Greater than 300mmx300mm)
  • Best Collaboration
  • Runner Up - Tattoo of the Day - Sunday
  • Tattoo of the Day - Sunday
  • Best of Show 


Please take a moment to read through the competition rules and guidelines for Tattoo Hui Aotearoa. If you are unsure of any of the following please contact us.

Healed and Fresh Tattoos: 

  • Healed and Fresh tattoos from exhibiting artists are elligible to enter the 2021 Tattoo Competitions.
  • Healed Tattoos can not enter Tattoo of the Day.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Only tattoos from Exhibiting Artists at the event can be entered into competitions. 

Tattoo of the Day:

  • Tattoo of the Day entries MUST be started and finished on the day of that category.
  • Healed work can not be entered into Tattoo of the Day.
  • Tattoos done over more than one day can not be entered into Tattoo of the Day.

Best Photo Realism:

  • A photo reference must be supplied on-stage for Best Photo Realism.

Best Small / Large Colour & Black and Grey

  • All entries in Small Colour and Small Black and Grey will be measured by a 300mm X 300mm Template that the tattoo must fit within. If the tattoo does not fit it will be moved to the Large categories.


  • Any tattoo found not to be following the rules will be disqualified at the line by a Tattoo Official or Official Judge on-stage.
  • If a tattoo is disqualified there is no refund of the entry costs. 
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